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Talent Management & Employee Experience

Improve employee experience through a tailored talent management process

Create a compelling talent management strategy to improve employee experience and retention. Through our Talent Management & Employee Experience program, develop a comprehensive strategic approach to successfully manage talent and enhance employee engagement at your organization.

Partner with Stewart Leadership to ensure the right people are in the right positions at the right time.


Stewart Leadership’s Talent Management Process

Our consultants will work closely with your leadership and human resources team to develop a customized talent management process that’s unique to your organization. Stewart Leadership’s proven three-part Talent Management process focuses on:

1. Emerging Leaders

  • We’ll assist you in identifying high-potential leaders and create a plan to develop their skills so they’re ready for future leadership roles.

2. Skill Gaps 

  • We’ll help pinpoint any existing skill gaps within the organization and determine ways to find the talent needed to fill those gaps.

3. Retention 

  • We’ll design a strategy to deliver a great employee experience in order to attract, engage, and retain the best people for the job.

Stewart Leadership’s Employee Experience (EX) Strategy

Companies implement employee experience strategies to create a competitive advantage when attracting new talent and retaining current employees. Having a strong employee experience strategy in place can increase revenue, talent retention, engagement, productivity, and overall market share.

Our consultants will work side-by-side with your team to develop employee experience solutions that drive your business strategy and human capital priorities. Stewart Leadership’s customized consulting solutions revolve around one or more of these processes:

1. EX Strategic Framework and Journey Map

2. State of EX Assessment Report

  • Next, we’ll leverage a variety of custom measurement tools to assess the current state of employee experience in your organization. We’ll compile a detailed summary to help your team align with the company’s employee experience strategy.

3. EX Success Roadmap

  • Our consultants will further analyze the results of the assessment findings to create a roadmap to accelerate your organization’s employee experience efforts and provide a guide to follow the employee experience strategy.

4. LEAD NOW! EX – Leadership Development Workshop 

  • We’ll conduct leadership development workshops to ensure leaders and team members are aligned and understand ways to maximize the organization’s employee experience strategy.

Our Employee Experience Research Study shows employees believe organizations that improve their employee experience will have higher engagement, increased productivity, and an enhanced customer experience. There is compelling evidence of a correlation between high engagement and high performance.

Partner with Stewart Leadership to prioritize employee experience with a customized talent management process that identifies emerging leaders, recognizes skill gaps, and improves retention.

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