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LEAD NOW! Leadership Certification 

Learn to provide guidance and actionable feedback to help leaders grow

Leadership is critical to an organization’s overall performance and success. The LEAD NOW! Leadership Certification Program will guide coaches and consultants through Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Model using workshops, training modules, and other resources. Those who complete the leadership certification course will be trained to help other leaders be successful. 


Stewart Leadership’s Leadership Certification Program

Our LEAD NOW! Certification Program can be completed as a 1.5-day course or five 2-hour virtual modules. The program is designed to prepare leaders to fully utilize the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment, 360 Assessment, and the entire LEAD NOW! suite of supporting materials including award-winning books, coaching cards, and action planning resources.  

If you’re looking for a way to support your internal leadership staff with self-awareness and actionable feedback tools, then the LEAD NOW! Certification Program is for you.  

Our LEAD NOW! Facilitator Certification workshop is designed for development professionals looking to bring the LEAD NOW! Model and assessments into their organization. Individuals with this certification can continually deliver the LEAD NOW! experience to their leadership team as needed. This workshop also includes a certification to deliver feedback on the Self Assessment and all training materials.

Stewart Leadership’s LEAD NOW! Certification Program includes the following materials: 


Leadership Certification Course Outcomes

Stewart Leadership builds long-lasting partnerships with those who become certified in our LEAD NOW! Program. Everyone who participates in the program can expect to feel confident doing the following once the course is completed:  

  1. Understand the feedback, development, and coaching process for leaders
  2. Describe the LEAD NOW! Development Model and how it helps leaders achieve both business and people results
  3. Know how to use the LEAD NOW! Development Model, as well as the award-winning Stewart Leadership Book Series and supporting resources
  4. Administer the LEAD NOW! Self Assessment and 360-degree Assessment 
  5. Interpret the LEAD NOW! Assessment report results 
  6. Facilitate the LEAD NOW! Assessment feedback sessions 
  7. Review strategies for individual action plans, coaching, and follow ups

Leaders looking to become certified are encouraged to schedule an exploratory call to see if LEAD NOW! is the right assessment program for them. There is a one-time investment fee due in advance of the course, which includes the pre-work and post-work requirements and all materials. Please contact us for pricing details. Any travel expenses are paid by the participant. 

Partner with Stewart Leadership to become certified in our LEAD NOW! Program. Learn what it takes to become a leader in a fast-paced work environment, and become equipped to share this knowledge with other leaders in your organization to ensure continued success.   

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