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Career Management & Development

Empower employees to manage and develop their careers

Job changes are more frequent than ever before, and employees are seeking support in order to more effectively manage their own careers. Organizations that are ready to engage in career conversations and provide career coaching will have a competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent.

Stewart Leadership’s career development consultants partner with organizations to help their employees achieve their career goals. Using our Career Management Framework and process, employers will be able to help employees identify what they want to do next and how they’ll get there through self-reflection and discovery.


Stewart Leadership’s Career Management Services

We offer a variety of customizable career management programs to suit your unique business needs. Our career development consultants offer in-person, virtual, one-on-one, or group coaching options, as well as career development workshops, webinars, and keynotes.

Stewart Leadership’s career management process teaches organizations to encourage employee goal setting and personal branding. Our interactive training sessions can be tailored around career topics including: communication, presentation, personal development, mentoring, and executive presence.

For employees, learning outcomes of our career management programs include:

  • Understanding their guiding principles and value to the organization
  • Determining career aspirations and learning to articulate it with confidence
  • Building and managing their professional reputation
  • Deploying a strategic networking method to strengthen both their internal and external relationships
  • Creating and executing a career plan and development plan contributing to achieving goals

Our career management programs help organizations to develop employees more quickly, move them more regularly, provide continuous cycles of promotion, and ultimately give employees more tools to manage their own careers.

Top 5 Career Management Competencies

When we partner with an organization, we’ll work together to identify relevant career competencies that will support the employee’s needs in order to develop skills and better manage their career. Our career development consultants often suggest these five career management competencies to start:

1. Career Planning

  • Employees need to develop a strategic career plan so they can confidently communicate what they want, why they want it, and their plan to get there. Organizations can help employees with their career plan by taking time to explore their individual interests, needs, and wants. It’s important for employees to understand their value to the organization. A career plan can help to identify which skills need to be developed and how. Finally, a career plan should help employees identify what role they’re aspiring to next, and what their plan is to get there.

2.Personal Branding

  • Employees must understand the importance of their reputation in the workplace and how their personal brand is vital to managing their career. Organizations can help employees improve their personal brands by offering guidance to polish up on interpersonal skills and managing emotions. Personal branding also refers to an employees bio, credentials, internal resume, and social media activity.

3. Networking

  • Employees understand they need to build relationships to eventually create a strong network over time — how to build and nurture these relationships to support their career development isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems. Organizations can support employees by helping them prepare for networking events and conferences and by providing guidance on how to follow-up effectively to maintain their connections.

4. Interviewing

  • Employees should continue developing interview skills, specifically focusing on understanding the interviewing style preferred by their organization. This way, employees will be prepared to use stories and real-life examples to emphasize their accomplishments when they have the opportunity to advance within the organization.

5. Conversational Intelligence 

  • Employees will want to know and understand the advancement opportunities available within their organization. Organizations should ensure this information is clear and readily available. However, more importantly, organizations must make sure employees know how to discuss career opportunities and when to approach their manager.

Partner with Stewart Leadership to establish a career management program within your organization. Businesses offering career development opportunities to their employees are sure to have a competitive advantage in hiring, engaging, retaining, and advancing talent.

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