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Talent Management & Employee Experience (EX)

We provide customizable workshops for leadership teams and HR departments to more effectively manage talent within their organization. We use specific EX strategies based on employee experience to effectively train staff in countless processes, including EX Strategic Framework and Journey Map, State of EX Assessment Report, EX Success Roadmap and LEAD NOW! EX – Leadership Development Workshop.

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Succession Planning

Our Succession Planning Workshop helps organizations progress from one goal to the next through effective strategizing. The key indicators your team members will learn in our personalized program are self-awareness, how to translate learning into action, a drive to succeed, and how to properly read the room. Once employees hone these four skills through our professional skills course, your company goals will be reached more efficiently.

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Career Management

One way leadership can support their employees is to offer professional development opportunities. Our custom Career Management Workshop offers team members the opportunity to grow in the right direction for their careers. Some of the career management competencies we cover in our program include career planning, personal branding, and networking. 

Stewart Leadership Career Management

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LEAD NOW! Certification

Ideal for internal or external leadership development coaches and consultants, the LEAD NOW! Certification will prepare you to deliver the two-day LEAD NOW! Workshops, the four to eight hour leadership dimension training modules, and provides continuing support as you embrace the LEAD NOW! Model. The certification includes our full selection of award-winning books, coaching cards, action planning resources, and online self and 360 assessments. 

LEAD NOW! Assessment Certification

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