Government Contract Orals Coaching

Are you responsible for the success of an orals team? Are you concerned about effectively developing the talent of each member? The fight to win and keep government contracts is an intense and unforgiving business. As competition for government contracts intensifies, effectively preparing orals teams is a pivotal component for capturing contracts.

Through our coaching, we consistently create united proposal teams and will do the same with yours. We will identify the discriminators that resonate with the customer, and provided expert feedback through extensive videotaping and coaching. We provide expert orals coaching and results-driven management practices to some of the world’s largest government contractors including Boeing, Booze Allen, Hughes, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and United Space Alliance. We know how to direct the intense orals coaching process of selecting team members, developing individual presentation skills, creating a cohesive team, highlighting discriminators, complete compliance with every RFP and SOW requirement, and continually practicing until the presentation is flawless. Few others have the 30+ years of insight into the people and practices that help teams win billions of dollars in large government contracts like we do. If you want to win your next contract, let us guide you through the process by contacting us today.

  1. Orals are the New Norm

    A General Services Administration executive recently estimated that over 70 percent of solicitations for programs valued at $10 million or more will have orals requirements, with the orals counting an average of 40 percent of the evaluation. Orals requirements are now the norm in government contracting and orals’ coaching has become the secret weapon for winning contracts. Through our research, we know that contracts are awarded because of past experience, technical approach and cost, and management experience. However, we also know that contracts are unofficially awarded because of:

    • the communication between source selection evaluators and the orals teams during the presentation
    • the cohesiveness and competence of the orals team
    • the customer’s ability to understand the proposal
    • a professional and concise presentation with clearly defined charts and statistical data
    • properly highlighted discriminators
    • persuasive and compelling presentation
    • establishing perceived credibility

    Some contractors choose an internal orals coach to direct their proposal team. Though this may reduce costs in the short term, an internal coach normally lacks experience, objectivity, and complete big picture exposure to a variety of government contractors and customers. To effectively target your audience you need our expertise. We will lead you through this process and leave you with the master formula to deliver and win your contract.

  2. Security Clearances
    “I am proud of my honesty, integrity, and ability to keep sensitive information confidential. These clearances are a huge benefit to my clients, and they bring my 30+ years of expertise and experience to classified proposals and programs, providing a major advantage to contractors in the competitive world of government contracts.”
    John Parker Stewart, Stewart Leadership

    • Access to Compartmented Information by U.S. Government
    • Cleared Secret and Top Secret
    • Completion of Government Polygraph for CI
    • Completion of Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)
    • Special Programs Access
  3. Case Study: U.S. NAVY Contract Example

    Coaching with Constraints


    We were asked to provide orals coaching for a large government contractor that involved a complex set of requirements and relationship issues, so challenging that the team leads were changed out four different times over 16 months.


    We created an incredibly rigorous and strict plan focusing on the constancy of change to maintain focus as key constituents were shifted in and out over the 16 month period.


    Through exceptional orals coaching, in spite of countless setbacks, the team won a U.S. Navy contract worth $600 million. After the contract was delivered, the vice president said “we had the finest orals coach in the country.”

  4. Orals Coaching Publications
    • “Orals Coaching:The Secret Weapon for Winning Contracts” (published in APMP’s “Proposal Management” Journal— Spring 2004).
    • John is a three time speaker on Orals Coaching at the National Conference of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.
    • In 2015 John will publish his orals coaching book, Winning Orals: A Master Formula for Securing Government Contracts.

John’s Orals Coaching Bio and Endorsements (PDF)