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Executive Presence Training

Enhance overall executive presence to succeed now and into the future 

To be seen as a credible leader, a strong executive presence is key. Our Executive Presence Training programs aim to develop critical skills leaders need to have a greater impact on their organizations and their careers.

Organizations seek to develop the executive presence of their leaders to help them be successful in both current and future positions. Having a solid executive presence sets leaders up with the tools and confidence they need to successfully drive business decisions. Stewart Leadership offers customized solutions designed to strengthen and equip leaders with a strong executive presence. Individual and group training programs can both be tailored and adjusted to meet specific needs.


Stewart Leadership’s Executive Presence Workshop

Stewart Leadership offers an executive presence workshop ideal for high potential middle management leaders. This 1-2 day workshop explains the essential parts of building credibility as a leader. Participants will develop executive presence through training activities including videotaped experiences with detailed, constructive feedback. The executive presence training program is often paired with one-on-one coaching both before and after the workshop.

How can I improve my executive presence?

Every organization brings a unique set of challenges, but Stewart Leadership’s executive presence training program is always focused on four principles:

  1. How You Look & Speak
  2. How You Decide
  3. How You Manage Emotions
  4. How You Inspire

To start, a coach will conduct initial assessments for each leader and place them on an executive presence scale from 1-10. The Stewart Leadership Executive Presence Model is often the primary source of training with additional material drawn from the LEAD NOW! Model, the Individual Action Planning Guide, the Stewart Leadership Executive Presence Interviewing Guide, and Stewart Leadership LEAD NOW! Coaching Cards. Once the program is complete, coaches will reassess the leaders to document improvements, as well as identify core issues for future growth.

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