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Executive Coaching Services

Leaders become effective with discipline and focus, not by accident

Leaders become better through focused practice and development. Oftentimes, executives fail because they lack the ability to lead and maintain productive relationships with others. Stewart Leadership’s executive coaching services help leaders acquire and strengthen the skills needed to guide their organization to success. 

Our executive coaching program kicks off with the creation of a customized, individual action plan. The plan aligns with organizational strategies including built-in success measures and accountability connected to on-the-job learning experiences. With 35 years of experience, our programs will help guide key members of your organization into more effective leadership roles.


Stewart Leadership’s Executive Coaching Programs

Coaching sessions are designed to capitalize on personal strengths, identify individual weaknesses, provide career guidance, and develop a strong executive presence through tailored insights and training. Leaders are paired with an experienced coach who will assess, support, and challenge based on the leader’s unique needs. 

Executive coaching usually takes place one-on-one; however, programs can be designed for group or team coaching situations as well. Our coaching program focus areas include: 

  • Leadership Development – develop leaders for today’s challenges while preparing them for future leadership roles
  • Executive Presence – improve leader’s communication skills, decision making effectiveness, and the ability to manage emotions
  • Transition & Onboarding – support leader’s success in preparing for and starting a new role and assimilating with their team
  • Performance – help leaders overcome or manage areas of concern in their current role performance
  • Career – support career management and professional development goals 
  • Executive Team – equip leaders with knowledge and skills to select, develop, and sustain a high performing team
  • Culture & Strategy Alignment – help leaders identify, evaluate, and shape growth within their organization

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Stewart Leadership’s Five Step Approach to Coaching

Tailored coaching programs are typically delivered over a 3-12 month period and usually accompany larger development initiatives such as executive team development or cultural alignment. Regardless of the specific circumstances, all of Stewart Leadership’s coaching engagements follow these five key steps: 

  1. Discovery – discuss initial focus areas and expectations with the client and their boss
  2. Assessment – conduct assessments and an intake session
  3. Action Plan – confirm focus areas, actions, and timeline 
  4. Development – hold 1-2 coaching sessions each month to implement plan
  5. Results – evaluate progress, meet with client’s boss, and celebrate successes 

Our team of executive coaches represent diversified backgrounds in functional expertise, industry experience, certifications, and advanced degrees. They are experts in the field of leadership development and passionate about unlocking your greatest potential.

As your coaching partner, we will design a program and process that meets your individual, team, and organizational goals and budget. To learn how Stewart Leadership’s executive coaching services can benefit you and your organization, contact us today.

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