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Delivering engaging and insightful presentations and keynote speeches to any size audience on leadership, collaboration, communication, change, and human capital alignment.

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Contact Daniel Stewart to arrange for a highly impactful keynote event. daniel@stewartleadership.com

Organizational Blunders to Avoid

The Stewart Organizational Design Model

The Tale of Three Envelopes


View an excerpt from To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate. This segment is called "The Poor Man's Cruise."


View an excerpt from Build Your Own EQ for Success. This segment is called "Top 15 Signs You Are Emotionally Intelligent."


View an excerpt from My Leaders Have Problems. This segment is called "Blind Spots."


View an excerpt from Earning the Heart: Maximizing the Commitment to People & Organizations. This segment is called "The Customer and the Magic of Pixie Dust."


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