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Executive Team Development at CSL


CSL in Hong Kong, an international telecommunications firm, was experiencing significant growth in market share but due to the level of disunity and silos within the executive leadership team, they were unable to handle greater business opportunities or remain scalable and sustainable.  The disjointed executive leadership team was operating as 14 individual entities rather than a unified team that worked together, trickling down to every level of the organization and causing time and energy to be wasted on internal strife and an individualistic company culture, affecting employee morale.


When Stewart Leadership was brought in, the plan of attack was to focus solely on the senior executive leadership team, unifying and developing it, eliminating silos and developing a more market focused and responsive team that supported one another and the business. Over the course of a year, Stewart Leadership met with, interviewed, assessed, and individually coached each member of the executive team.  Through the use of the content in the Stewart Leadership Book Series, the LEAD NOW! 360 Assessments, and 3 multi-day off-sites tailored to building a high-performing team, the leadership team was transformed.


According the CEO, the team became the highest performing team he had ever seen in his career. The CEO went on to mention of the off-site trainings, “The effect that Stewart Leadership had on my executive team was magical.”  In fact, he has been so impressed with the results brought about by Stewart Leadership that he has brought them with him in every stage of his career, allowing Stewart Leadership to transform teams in Australia, Hong Kong, as well as the U.S.

The trickle-down effect of the change within the senior leadership team was immediately evident: less turnover, removal of silos within the organization, the creation of a win-win culture and improved employee morale.  The business became far more competitive and unified, due to the renewed energy, internal support, and comradery on all levels.

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CSL Limited is Hong Kong’s first mobile communications operator established in 1983. A private company, it launched the world’s first dual band 4G LTE with DC-HSPA+ network with the brands 1O1O, csl, and SUN Mobile. CSL is part of HKT Group, a Hong Kong telecommunications service provider.

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