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Change Management Strategy

Identify and develop a plan to effectively manage change 

For change to be sustainable in the workplace, team members must work together to develop a change management strategy. There is no one-size fits all approach to change management, which is why a unique strategy must be developed every time.

That’s where we come in. Our knowledge of best practices combined with our commitment to understand your organization allows us to create a customized change management strategy. Partner with Stewart Leadership to reduce overall risk and ultimately increase success as your team takes on organizational change.


How Stewart Leadership Implements Change in an Organization

Sustaining change in the workplace has always proven to be a challenge. Today, roughly 70 percent of businesses change efforts aren’t successful.

Stewart Leadership knows what it takes to transform businesses, improve customer experience and successfully redesign operations within an organization.

The key is to drop the idea of going at it alone. Instead, leaders should aim to build, manage, and sustain the change together with their team. To do this, we follow the Change Equation when leading change efforts.

What is the Change Equation?

The Change Equation is Q x B = S. So, what does that mean exactly? Let us explain. Two important variables that make change work are:

  1. Quality of the solution (Q)
  2. Buy-in from those who will implement it (B)

Using a scale of 1-10 to represent Quality and Buy-in, leaders can assign a number to each based on the feedback of their change management strategy. Ten represents the highest score possible for both Quality and Buy-in, so the ideal Change Equation produces a Success (S) score of 100. The number can share insight into the likelihood of success for a desired change effort based on the solution itself, as well as support from team members.

Stewart Leadership’s Unique Approach to Developing a Change Management Strategy

Stewart Leadership provides one-on-one and team coaching to support organizations through every step of the change process. Our consultants will work with leaders to develop a customized change approach designed to ultimately create clarity and confidence in the organization’s change plan.

To start, our consultants will work with leaders to create a clear and compelling business case for the change. This includes stakeholder analysis and risk assessment. We’ll develop change management strategies and tactics based on this data, which will include a specific plan to mitigate any anticipated resistance.

After establishing a set of change management strategies, Stewart Leadership helps leaders to prepare communication plans for their team. First, we’ll assess the current state of change readiness to determine if team members believe the change will be successful. This will allow us to identify any key areas of concern internally before delivering the plan. When team members understand the need for change, it creates a sense of urgency and encourages everyone to work together toward the goal.

Once the plan is shared with the team, our consultants will continue to work side-by-side with leaders conducting tailored change management training. We’ll recommend structure and process changes along the way to ensure the change is sustainable. Over time, we’ll evaluate the effectiveness of the change and find new ways to continually build engagement around it.

Leaders must be relentless in their efforts to implement change. When the connection between changed behaviors and organizational success are made clear, it will improve the strategy’s credibility and encourage team members to stick to the changes moving forward.

Why Having a Change Management Strategy is Important

When a change management strategy is in place, team members are aligned, resources are in place, and benefits of the change are clear. As an organization begins to develop strategies for implementing change in the workplace, the main goal is for it to not negatively impact day-to-day work and overall functionality.

Stewart Leadership provides full support throughout the change management process, coaching leaders to guide the rest of the team through their change strategy.

Partner with Stewart Leadership to make change easier and ensure organizational success through our tailored change management strategies. Devise a plan, communicate it effectively, and work together to sustain change.

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