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Change Consultation & Training

Identify what is required to plan and champion your change

To effectively manage change, much is expected from leaders. From establishing a business case, understanding stakeholder’s impact, building a coalition of commitment, communicating and recommunicating the reasons for the change, developing new skills, and tracking the change process, change leaders have much to juggle. Even the most experienced change leader needs support. We provide the one-on-one coaching, executive team advisement, and change training to make sure that each of the organizational change steps and each of the essential change leadership behaviors are being optimized. Contact us today to help provide support for your Change Leaders.

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Change Strategy Development

Ensuring smooth transitions and a future for success

The process of introducing, managing, and sustaining something new or different is one of the most critical and uncertain tasks a leader can undertake. Stewart Leadership provides one-on-one and project team coaching and consultation to support organization leaders and the change process every step from creating a clear and compelling business case for change, including stakeholder analysis and risk assessment; to preparing communication plans; conducting tailored change management training; recommending structure and process changes along the way; to evaluating the effectiveness of change and continuing to build engagement. Contact Stewart Leadership to see how we help ensure smoother transitions and future success – we help make change easier.

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Culture Assessment & Integration

Culture is created and recreated every day through specific behaviors.

Aligning your culture with the talent and strategy of your organization is key to optimizing your growth. Together, we define the desired cultural attributes that are needed to accomplish the strategic priorities for your team, division, or organization. Using interviews, surveys, and focus groups, we assess and identify gaps in the current culture and partner to design the culture of the future. We find and enable the critical behaviors, at every level of your organization, to better align your culture with your desired results. Ensure alignment within your organization through our cultural integration process.

M&A Culture Integration Playbook

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Organizational Design & Alignment

Increase results with a better-designed and aligned organization

Are you achieving the results you want? If not, it is highly likely that your talent and leadership are not aligned with your operational strategy. Aligning talent, strategy, and structure is critical to optimizing people and business resources to achieve desired results. Stewart Leadership assesses and designs proven, leadership-rich organizations. To help you better design and align your organization, we analyze seven organizational areas of organizations: strategy, processes, systems, structure, talent, incentives, and culture. We look forward to partnering with you to optimize and align your organization! Contact us to discuss aligning your organization.

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