Building Executive Presence to Enhance Leadership Pipeline

Building Executive Presence

Chiesi USA

Enhancing the leadership and talent pipeline with an investment in Executive Presence Training

Our Custom Approaches


Chiesi, a European headquartered pharmaceutical company wanted to enhance their leadership talent pipeline in the US by preparing emerging leaders with an Executive Presence leadership development strategy integrated with business and people goals that would prepare participants for future career advancement opportunities. 

Designed a comprehensive program targeted at emerging leaders.

The success of the inaugural program has led to an additional three cohorts.


Chiesi USA wanted to supplement their existing in-house leadership development programs with a customized program targeted toward their emerging leader individual contributors. They looked for a partner who would work in concert with their Learning & Development Leader to design a comprehensive program that would build the skills of their high-potential employees.

Using our Executive Presence Model as the foundation, Chiesi USA and Stewart Leadership crafted an integrated program that included a Discovery phase that included baseline self and manager assessments along with interviews with key stakeholders.

The program then included ongoing action planning, four consecutive days of half-day workshops, and a one hour group coaching touchpoint once per week for four week. All coaching touchpoints included pre-and post-work.

The conclusion of the program consisted of an Application Project where each participant selected a real-life business challenge, conducted research, prepared and then delivered a 15-minute presentation. The participant then recieved a final 1:1 debrief and coaching session.


The program was extremely well-received by the initial cohort of 18 participants. They felt the peer coaching sessions allowed them to build and strengthen relationships in other divisions of the company, and they cited the capstone Application Project as a necessary challenge to apply the skills learned.

The Application Project provided an opportunity for participants to showcase their growth and provide innovative solutions to real business challenges in front of over 20 senior leaders, including the CEO.

The success of the project has led the client to continue the program with three more cohorts since the inaugural program.

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