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Jacqueline C. du Plessis

Marketing & Creative Director

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Jacqueline du Plessis is an internationally respected marketing strategist and marketing consultant.

With her degree in Social Psychology and her talent for understanding people, she has been able to help her clients sell more products online, reach millions of online users, and better interact and communicate with their customers and potential customers.

Jacqueline is routinely praised for her integrity, her ability to grasp the big picture as well as zone in on the smallest details, and for her infectious passion for helping individuals and businesses succeed faster and more powerfully than they could have ever imagined. Her ability to be simultaneously creative and analytical is a gift she utilizes for the benefit of every client and each task.

She studied Social and Organizational Psychology and earned her Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University. During her years in college she completed an International Field Studies and internships in the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as working for both Brigham Young University and Michigan State University during her summers.

After graduation Jacqueline worked for several multi-million dollar companies across numerous industries, assisting them to improve their online marketing efforts. She became instrumental in each company by contributing to their exponential growth through her work in improving their online marketing strategy and execution. And many individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations credit Jacqueline as being the catalyst to their business and professional growth and success.

Jacqueline is passionate about learning and continues her education through online courses and trainings in business, psychology, e-commerce and marketing.

At Stewart Leadership, Jacqueline is now responsible for all online marketing strategy, development and activities.

Jacqueline is widely traveled and has lived and worked from 5 continents across the globe. She currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

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