Talent Management

Do you have the bench strength ready for key positions? If a key leader left today is there an agreed upon succession plan in place? Do you have a process to identify leadership potential and develop them for future positions? Identifying and developing future leaders is essential to ensure continuity and execution of strategic business objectives. Stewart Leadership partners with clients to create a tailored talent management and succession planning process to build the bench strength needed to build tomorrow’s leaders.

Through our three-step process of Identify, Review and Develop, we help identify emerging leaders with high potential and develop them so they are ready for future leadership roles. We work with senior leaders so they understand how to develop and mentor others. Contact us today for a talent audit of your leadership capability.

What can Stewart Leadership do for you?

  • Align talent and leadership with long-term business strategy.
  • Engage senior management in a disciplined review of leadership talent.
  • Provide an assessment of the current capability of the talent relative to current and future business results.
  • Build bench strength for key positions to assure continuity of leadership and avoid transition problems.
  • Review the overall health and talent of the entire organization.
  • Identify and tailor leadership development efforts for each leader in corporate leadership.
  • Improve selection and promotion decisions.
  • Develop the overall organizational talent strategy.