LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model

LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model

The LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model offers a solid foundation for you to build and refine your skills as you practice the art of being a leader in today’s changing environment. It is built on the assumption that leaders must achieve aligned and positive results – with their people in their business, from both a marketplace (external) and an organizational (internal) perspective.

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Using the LEAD NOW! Model, Stewart Leadership delivers a complete leadership development system to identify and build leadership capability for results driven leaders at all levels. From the experience-proven LEAD NOW! Model, to the award-winning books, through online Self and 360° Assessments, individual coaching programs, and engaging group workshops and speeches, Stewart Leadership provides sustained solutions to the process of leading people, teams, and organizations.

LEAD NOW! Development Process (PDF)


Leadership Development Model

LEAD NOW! Leadership Development Model Descriptions

Quadrant I: Create Purpose
A Leader must be responsible for defining vision and strategy. This involves:

  • Knowing the competition
  • Understanding the customer
  • Analyzing marketplace trends
  • Setting strategy
  • Communicating effectively with others

Quadrant II: Deliver Excellence
A Leader must be responsible for delivering operational excellence and translating strategy into day-to-day execution. This involves:

  • Clear decision making
  • Delivering operational results
  • Building consistent and measurable processes
  • Continuous improvement
  • Behaving with integrity

Quadrant III: Develop Self & Others
A Leader must value learning for self and others. This involves:

  • Personal improvement opportunities
  • Building and managing team dynamics
  • Honing technical expertise
  • Managing time
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Managing one’s ego

Quadrant IV: Lead Change
A leader must create and champion change that benefits the organization. This involves:

  • Influencing key decision makers
  • Sponsoring change projects
  • Empowering stake holders
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Managing resistance
  • Sustaining change

LEAD NOW! Model Description (PDF)