We have likely all been renters at some point in our lives. The apartment where we lived belonged to the landlord. Usually, its care and maintenance were not high on our list of priorities. If something went wrong, was damaged, torn, or chipped, it was the landlord’s problem—not ours. But then, the day arrived when..

Have you ever been in a staff meeting waiting for your boss to arrive? The minutes can go by and still no word on why he or she is delayed.  Or, sitting in an airport waiting to board your plane, when the announcement is made that the flight is delayed? In both situations, we have..

Every year around the holidays, my family brings out a Christmas themed puzzle.  It is in fact the same 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle that my wife put together each year as a young girl.  We usually bring it out after Thanksgiving and over the following weeks, my four kids, my wife and I slowly piece it..

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A few years ago, I was visiting Disney World with my family. While waiting in line for the Peter Pan attraction, I watched the cast members (employees) as they helped each guest enter and sit in the small flying ships to begin the experience. I noticed a very focused and cheerful cast member who was busy neither helping..

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Several years ago, a group of students won the opportunity to submit an experiment for a shuttle flight into space. The students wanted to see how well a spider could adapt to weightlessness in a near zero gravity environment. When in space, the spider started to create its web, but this natural process changed in..

A CEO I was working with recently mentioned something powerful to his executive team. Of all the leaders he had let go in his career, he never wished he had waited longer before taking action. In fact, he realized he had sometimes waited too long before taking action. This insightful message reminded me of a..

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the four-term US President, had a distinct pattern of communication when giving his staff orders.  The first time he asked his staff to do something, they listened without much action.  When he asked them to do something a second time, they really listened but with little action.  But when he asked them..

Published October 5, 2016 on Linkedin.com Author: John Zorbini Like many middle managers, Jenny aspired to move up the organizational chart and join the senior leadership team. She was smart, handled herself well and knew the importance of meeting customer needs. She valued her team and was very inspirational at times. So why was she stuck in a..

As I work with leaders, especially those being primed for higher roles, I find they often communicate and work from three perspectives: the Peer Leader, the Hesitant Leader, and the Confident Leader. Each perspective or mindset sounds very different, but poorly trained leaders can deceptively believe they all represent successful leadership. It is essential to..